Bridal Makeup Trends Kerala 2018

How important is Bridal Makeup in a wedding

The wedding is one of the most memorable and important occasions in the life of every girl. Planning a wedding to make it a perfect thing of your dreams can be challenging at times. Many of them spend months planning the perfect wedding and want everything to be pixel perfect right from the venue to the food, wedding dress to the best photographers. Of course, in spite of all these, you cannot forget yourself. This is your special day and you love to look stunning. This is the time when you go to the most professional wedding bridal makeup artist to give you the look of your dreams.

Bridal Makeup Trends Kerala 2018
Anez Anzare Bridal Make up

Bridal Makeup Trends

The latest trend in wedding bridal makeup seems to be looking natural. Nude shades are being trendy for a subtle look, preferably a bright lipstick to make it a bit dramatic. The main focus being the eyes, the Brides tend to go with the colors that suit their costumes. Also these days Brides are very particular about the quality of the makeup rather than the expenditure. International brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown are mostly suited for the Indian skin tones. Bridal Makeup Trends Kerala 2018

Bridal Makeup Trends Kerala 2018
Inspirit Wedding Make Overs

Bridal hairstyles are also an essential part of makeup. Mostly used hairstyle trends are loose style especially for the reception, Bouffant and plaits are popular on the wedding day. Updo hairstyle is also popular in the trend. To make the entire party look picture perfect its insisted to have the same makeup as the bride for the bridesmaids.Bridal Makeup Trends Kerala 2018

Bridal hairstyles
Bridal hairstyles

Top Bridal Makeup Artists in Kerala

Choosing the best bridal makeup artist is the most challenging part. This is done mostly based on the professionalism and according to your requirements. Below is the list of best bridal makeup artists for you to choose from:

  1.  Aneze Anzare

A most popular name in the fashion industry as a makeup artist. He is based in Kochi and has done the makeover for many celebrities and models from advertisements and Fashion shows. He always keeps his work unique and splendid.

  1. Pallavi Devika

Delhi based makeup artist, most popular among fashion and celebrity models makeover. She has a unique talent to make you look stunning for the special occasion.

  1. Jijeesh

A freelance professional bridal makeup artist based in Kochi specialized in wedding bridal makeup, makeovers, fashion, celebrity etc. Over 17 years of experience in the makeup industry, he develops a unique style for the makeover.

  1. Ross Ann

Professionalism, eye-catching makeover are the main highlights of Ross Ann. She treats the makeup as an art and thus she creates wonders for your special occasion.


  1. Jaanmoni Das

A makeup artist based in Kochi capable of doing any styles. A special ability to make you calm before the big moment is noticeable.

  1. Shoba Kunchan

Professional makeup artists based in Kochi, wife of malayalam film actor Mr. Kunchan. She is the owner of one of the best makover parlor in Kochi.

  1. Renju

A renowned makeup artist based in Kochi, with a unique style in retouching your special occasion. She is most familiar with most of the malayali celebrity actresses.

  1. Shafeenaz

Professional make up artist based in Thrissur and Kochi. She is having a uniqueness in her art of makeup.

Bridal Makeup Trends Kerala 2018