Malayalee / Kerala Wedding Ceremony

When I was talking to my Mother’s friend about Malayalee Weddings and customs, this is what she told me. Malayalee weddings are the simplest and most uncomplicated weddings ever. If you walk in five minutes late, you might miss the function for all you know.


  • Nishchyam – The engagement Ceremony: Different communities in Kerala depending on their place of origin have their own engagement ceremonies. Usually engagement happens in the girl’s house. Both families meet and an astrologer is called to choose auspicious dates from a Panchangam ( A book that contains auspicious times and dates, this is like the year book for most communities, including Tamil Brahmins). In a Malayalee engagement ceremony, the boy and the girl need not be present, but off late the customs are changing. An interesting point to be noted here is that, no Thambalam ( plates containing fruits and sweets) are exchanged.  After this, a grand Sadya (traditional Malayalee Meal served on a Banana leaf) is served.