Mehendi Designs For Legs

Mehendi Designs For Legs

Mehandi design art has developed over many centuries into something that is much more than just adornment of the body. The care and imagination that goes into the visualising, drawing and executing mehandi designs today is definitely much more detail-oriented. Mehandi designs can be drawn on any part of the body and it should come as no surprise that mehandi designs for legs are as intricate and beautiful as the designs on any other body part.


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The mehandi designs for legs can cover the feet, toes, ankles, and even up to the entire length of a stocking! Like the mehandi sleeve drawings, this sort of a design for the legs requires extensive care and attention in keeping up with the large area where the layout will be drawn. A good mehandi artist is one who can adapt the design according to any particular theme or based on ideas from bride. He/she should be able to personalize the design for the couple. You also have to be careful that the patterns don’t become redundant. If you can pull it off, then go ahead and get yours!


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