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Save the Date Ideas

Save the Date Ideas – If you’re planning on having a dreamy wedding in a faraway location, consider these ideas for your save-the-date announcement

tree Save the Date Ideas
tree Save the Date Ideas

Deliver the message… in a bottle

Your guests will be pleasantly surprised to receive their invites in a bottle. Put a rolled-up note inside with a message for your guests, asking them to brace themselves for what’s coming! You can customize the bottle in many ways and add different elements such as sea shells. This especially is a stunner if your destination wedding includes the beach.

Don’t forget postcards

One of the best ways to get your guests excited for what’s coming is by sending a special postcard with the invite. You can make sure it’s relevant to your chosen location and have a little fun with the envelope and stamps as well. With a little brainstorming, you’ll be able to get very creative with this one and can create bulk invites with ease.

A holiday hamper

Give your guests something to look forward by sending them a hamper full of treats and trivia about the destination. You can include chocolate, a tiny sample of local cuisine, pictures, and more. There is a lot of flexibility here and you can personalize it many ways. Don’t feel restricted by the rules and come up with fun rhymes for your guests in your note to them.

Maps, passes, and tickets

You can even choose to get extremely direct with your invite. Include a fun map with beautiful illustrations for your guests to mark the location or invite them by issuing tickets or boarding passes. There are plenty of vendors who can help you zero down on the best printing options, formatting, and more. This will ensure the invite is extremely memorable for your guests and generate a buzz among them.

Cute luggage tags or passports

Choose from three or four designs and incorporate them into luggage tags for your invite. Provide all the necessary information and get innovate with the lettering. You can even choose to attach the tags to mini suitcases with tiny gifts inside for your invitees. Do your research online for all the available options before settling down on the best one while discussing final details with your vendor. Or if you’re feeling especially adventurous, send a creative funky invite in the form of a passport to each guest with details spread out over the pages.

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